Sitting throughout the day during work hours is not good for our health. Long work sitting hours and work burden leave a bad impact on our health. It may lead to some dangerous diseases like coronary issues, diabetes, and even tumor.

We should need to take breaks and perform some lite physical exercises during the intense work hours to get rid of these issues. It is a truth that you can not leave your office for a gym to perform physical exercises. The only choice is to adopt some exercises that you can perform easily during your work hours.

Here I am going to explain some easiest exercises that you can do during work hours. These exercises do not provide the results like a regular fitness schedule, but they can provide relief to relax your muscles during work hours.


There is a lot of lite and easy to perform exercises that you can do without leaving your workplace. Here I am going to describe 7-exercises you can do in your office. You can perform these exercises in two different ways.

The first way to perform these exercises is to merge them and perform them at a time. The other way is that, perform them individually during the work hours, whenever you have spare time.

By adopting these exercises, you can make your day wonderful and stay healthy. Never forget to do a little warm-up exercise before doing any of these exercises. You can do hand & leg stretches, shadowboxing, hopping rope (with or without a rope), or walk for a  couple of minutes around your work desk.

So, are you ready to explore these simple exercises that are going to help you stay fit during work hours? Let’s take a look at 7-exercises you can do in your office.

1. Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is a good exercise to stay fit. It is the best idea to use stairs instead of a lift while you are moving between the floors of your office. Stair climbing is the best cardio exercise.

You can also make a routine for climbing stairs during work hours even you do not need to move around in the building. Make a routine for climbing stairs for 2, 5, or 10 minutes that suits you most.

Make it possible to climb the stairs as quickly as you can. Be watchful for your steps when climbing too fast the stairs, to stay safe from an injury.

2. Push-Ups

Push-ups are an easy exercise that you can perform at any place. By performing push-ups during work hours, you can improve your pecs muscles, deltoids muscles, triceps, and a lot of others. Are you serious about performing push-ups in the office? Many people think push-ups are an exercise to perform on the floor. If you are also one of them, then probably you are also wrong. You can even perform push-ups in a standing position.

Standing push-ups or wall push-ups are a good alternative to get the same benefits as standard push-ups. It is a far gentler way to strengthen your upper body during work hours. How can you do standing push-ups easily?

Take a few minutes daily and stand up against a wall of your office. Put your hands on the wall and press your head towards the wall. Stay there for a couple of minutes, and come back to a relaxing position. It will help to make your arms stronger, and you will feel relaxed shoulder muscles.

You can even perform chair push-ups without leaving your work area. Put your hands at your work desk and stroll your feet from the work area at a 45-degree angle. Push your chest towards the work desk, stay there for a couple of minutes, and come back to a relaxing position.

3. Magic Carpet Ride

You do not need to leave your seat for this exercise. While sitting on your seat, fold your legs to rest them under your lower legs. Now, place your hands on the chair armrests and lift your body. Remain in the same posture for 10-20 seconds, rest, and repeat it five times.

Before performing this exercise, make sure your work chair is in perfect condition. Never lose your balance. Otherwise, you may face an injury.

4. Sitting Planks

You can easily perform sitting planks exercise in your office. Sitting plank exercises are good for back muscles and glutes muscles. Your back and buttocks are the main body parts that hurt a lot during long sitting work hours.

Taking a break and performing a sitting planks exercise is good for both of these areas of the body. How to perform sitting planks without leaving the work chair? Move a little forward on your work chair and sit comfortably with some space behind your back.

Put your hands on your waist and put your feet flat on the ground. Push down your body weight on the seat, and hold you’re breathing for 30 seconds. Repeat the action at least 10-times.

5. Wall Sits

Wall sits are not easy to perform exercises, but it provides a lot of benefits to your thighs and abdominal muscles. Stand along with a wall of your office and bend your knees. You will need to take a position like you are sitting on an invisible chair.

Make sure your back is flat against the office wall. Do not forget to put your feet apart from your shoulder-width on the ground.

When your abdominal and thighs make a perfect 90-degree angle, stop bending more, and stay in this position for 30 seconds. Come back to the standing position and repeat the action at least 5-times.

6. Calf Raises

Calf raises are a beneficial exercise that provides relief to the ankle and knees. Stand up close to the wall of your office and put one hand on the wall. Now, raise your feet off the floor as high as you can and hold your position for at least 30-60 seconds. After that, gradually drop your feet to the ground. Repeat the action 15 times a day.

7. Squats

The squats are a muscle strengthening exercise that is beneficial for several upper and lower body muscles. Adopting a squats routine at your workplace can helps to boost your performance and keeps your body relaxed.

Stand up and begin the squats. Stay straight and move your hands apart from your body. Now, push your buttocks down the floor by keeping your feet flat on the floor. Try to balance your body weight evenly for a couple of seconds.

While you are in this position, keep your chest up and shoulders pulled back to control your spine in the neutral position. Come back to standing position and repeat the action at least 10-times.

I hope these exercises are not difficult to perform for you during work hours. But, if you found any of these exercises difficult, you can skip it. Never feel hesitation to perform these simple exercises during work hours.