Team building meetings are for building a strong connection between the participants. According to business analysts, more than 75% of meeting members are irritated by meetings. It is because all meetings have the same objectives as what to do, how to do, why the company is not gaining the desired results, and so many other same questions.

Whenever you conduct a team-building meeting in an organization, you will need to make it interesting so you can gain positive results. As a meeting host, it is your responsibility to make the participants engaged during the meetings. By engaging all the participants in fun activities related to the topic helps to make a productive team.

A productive team can achieve the desired results, sales, and whatever you are going to prepare for them. Here I am going to describe some productive ways of conducting a successful and progressive team meeting.

1. Make Groups

It is a good idea to divide the meeting members into two groups. You can name them as Group-A, Group-B, or whatever you want. Prepare different activities related to the project and make an announcement that which group wins all the activities, that group is going to work on the said project.

After dividing the members into two groups, assign them prepared tasks to find solutions. At the end of the activity, announce the winning team, and encourage their efforts.

By doing that, you not only make the meetings fun, but you will also get the most relevant and suitable people for your upcoming project. Never forget to praise the runner ups because they are also a part of your organization. It is better to address the runner up team for better luck next time.

2. Open Discussions

Provide ease of mind to all participants during team-building meetings. Allow all attendees to share their thoughts and ideas. Make notes and keep the notes with the name of the attendees.

Open discussions are helpful to make a meeting successful. You can judge people’s views on different issues and select the best persons as your team.

3. Make Presentations Interesting

Try to make your presentations interesting. You can use audio-visual aids and other ways to make a presentation more interesting. Add some brainy quotes of famous people, add some motivational videos, add sound effects in your presentations to make it more attractive and engaging.

While creating charts, also try to make them more beautiful and appealing. You can also use some Infographics to describe the issues and their possible solutions. By all means, you will need to engage the audience, so they forget to blink their eyes and listen to you carefully.

If you accomplish this job, then your team is always ready to listen to your words and wait for the next meeting call from your side.

4. Meeting Rooms Environment

Do you generally conduct your meetings in the same meeting room? Why not try a different thing? Try to locate another room that is suitable for meetings, and next time conduct the meeting at that place.

Always choose the best and comfortable place for team-building meetings. You can also conduct a team-building meeting outside the office. Outside the office not mean to gather people in front of your office. It means to call a meeting in some coffee shop or other place like that.

When you provide an opportunity to go outside, your staff will start to love you. Choose different places to follow up a meeting like some times you can call a meeting in a restaurant and other times at an open place near to the beach.

5. Duration of Meetings

Usually, people don’t like long meetings. Make the time of the meeting shorter as 30 minutes are enough to discuss the issues. If you think you will need some extra time, to sum up, never take more than 10 minutes.

6. Follow Up Meetings

Never forget to announce any follow-up meetings. At the end of a meeting session, announce the next date and venue for a follow-up meeting. It will help the attendees to be prepared and be positive when they came next time.

7. Reward Announcement

It is the best idea to announce a reward at the end of the meeting for the team who achieve the desired results.