Meetings are an important part of the business. Sometimes it is difficult for an organization to gather people at one place for a meeting. In that situation, organizations conduct online meetings or video conferences.

Due to the nature of the business, sometimes you will also need to interact with people across the border. Visiting people around the globe for business solutions needs a lot of money and time.

Commercial meeting software programs are a solution for an organization to conduct video conferences. There are a lot of commercial meeting software programs or video conference software programs available in the market.

The purpose of meeting software programs is to connect people through audiovisual aids around the world in one place. Here I am going to introduce some of the best commercial meeting software programs for you. Many organizations and business persons around the world are using these software programs to conduct video conferences over the internet.


LIVESTORM is a commercial meeting software customized for client training, online classes, and for showing product demos. It is a browser-based video conferencing tool for everyone. LIVESTORM has three different plans to choose from, Basic, Premium, and enterprise.

Each plan has its working limitations. In the basic plan, you can host unlimited webinars, meetings, and online classes, but there is a limitation of 20 minutes per session, and only 10-members can join a meeting at a time.

For an organization, the premium plan of LIVESTORM provides unlimited possibilities. By purchasing a premium plan, you can conduct unlimited meeting sessions for up to 4 hours per session. There is no limit to meeting attendees. Up to 1000 members can join a meeting at a time.

2. ZOHO Meeting

ZOHO Meeting is another powerful commercial meeting software that works perfectly for an organization. It is an intelligent and interactive meeting software that helps to conduct engaging and appealing webinars.

It is also entirely browser-based software that means participants do not have to download an application to attend a meeting. It doesn’t mean you can’t use this software on mobile. The company recently launched its Android and iOS application of ZOHO Meeting for mobile users.

You can conduct online meetings with real-time audio, video, recording, chat, and screen sharing options with ZOHO Meeting software. It has a lot of functionalities like you can lock a meeting, switch presenters, mute participants, remote access, and others.

3. Blizz by TeamViewer

Blizz by TeamViewer is a secure and free commercial meeting software for remote meetings. It is accessible from any mobile device (Android or iOS) or desktop. More than 300 participants can join a meeting with high definition video, audio, screen sharing, outlook integration, and recordings.

The main features of Blizz Meeting software are 1-click instant meeting, VoIP calls, a large number of participants, secure file sharing, and cross-platform collaboration.

4. BigMarker Web Conferencing

BigMarker is the number-1 webinar, marketing, and automation platform that is helping a lot of companies to conduct successful online meetings.

BigMarker has three different paid plans to choose from, Starter, Elite, and premier. There is no free version available of this meeting software.

You can use their services across all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

5. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting commercial meeting software comes with a tag line WORK FROM ANYWHERE. It allows to connect up to 3,000 participants at a time to a meeting.

It has a lot of functionalities like calendar integration, call me, video slides, unlimited recording, personal meeting room during a meeting, screen sharing, remote access, and a lot more.

Many educational professionals, business owners, information technology managers, and health-care professionals are using GoToMeeting across the globe.