In an organization, around 80% of people gather to talk about their weekly progress and tasks. During these meetings, they discuss their victories, achievements, targets, and many other things. These meetings or gatherings are usually casual.

The purpose of these casual meetings is to discuss different issues with like-minded people. Many participants of the meeting found joining a meeting and staying in a meeting sometimes troublesome. It is because almost all meetings have the same agenda and question/answer sessions.

An invitee to the meeting can make meetings delightful, so all the participants enjoy the meeting and gain knowledge. Sometimes the invitee of the meeting needs to conduct face-to-face meetings, and sometimes they invite a large group of people for a meeting.

First of all, you will need to determine either you are calling a meeting for one person or a group. It is not a good idea to call all the group members and address them if you need to talk to only one person.

In this situation, you will need to conduct a face-to-face meeting. If the issue that you are facing or the news you are going to share is for the whole group of people, then call a group meeting.

5-Weekly Team Meeting Ideas

Here I am going to describe 5-weekly team meeting ideas that can be helpful for you to conduct a successful weekly meeting.

1. Ban Gadgets

Before starting a meeting, put a notice outside the meeting place saying, Gadgets are Not Allowed. By doing that, you can warn all the participants to switch off their mobiles, laptops, and all other gadgets that can disturb during the meetings.

Leaving their mobiles and other gadgets switched off, they can concentrate more. During meetings ringing phones are annoyed and divert other attendees’ attention too.

2. Snacks Break

While preparing the meeting agenda, do not forget to mention that there is a treat for you after the meeting. Snack breaks during meetings make everyone glad and set an optimistic or positive effect on the gathering.

3. Updates

It is a good time to announce work progress and any updates regarding ongoing projects. You can also introduce new colleagues, make announcements regarding a new collaboration, and inform the employees about the new rules & regulations.

4. Appreciation

Never forget to appreciate the success of any team member during weekly meetings. It would be helpful for other team members to work hard. Appreciation is perhaps the most significant part of any successful meeting. Celebrating the success of teammates help a lot to increase sales, achieve targets, and a lot of other things.

5. Question/Answer Session

At the end of the meeting, arrange a question/answer session. By giving time for a question/answer session, you can value the participants. They can share their ideas and think they are not gathered just for wasting their time.

Final Thoughts

Weekly meetings are helpful to track and boost the progress of employees in an organization. If you are looking to conduct a successful weekly meeting, add the above said, 5-points as a mandatory part of your meeting agenda.