Video conferences are taking their place in organizations just because of their many benefits. A video conference is a live audio and video session between one or more employees residing in different locations.

Organizations use video conference software to conduct meetings. Generally, video conferences help to save travel expenses and time. People can join a video conference without leaving their home town they can join a meeting just by using their phones or laptops.

With the help of conferencing software, people can share videos, images, and high-quality audio with the attendees.

As there are many benefits of video conference software, after broad research and investigation, I am going to introduce a very productive video conference tool GoToMeeting.

There are many elements of choosing a video conference software. GoToMeeting is the best general video conference meeting tool that is useful for many organizations to conduct long-distance meetings.

One major thing that people keep in mind while choosing a video conference tool is that how many people can join a meeting at a time. The good thing about the GoToMeeting video conference tool is that it allows you to connect with 10, 20, or up to 250 participants at a time.

Here I am going to discuss the most beneficial feature of GoToMeeting that an organization or a person can get by using this video conference software.

Desktop & Mobile Application

The most beneficial thing about GoToMeeting is that it is available for both mobile and laptop platforms. The interface of the GoToMeeting, both on the web and mobile application, is easy to use, and you can conduct a meeting in seconds. There are no complicated settings. You just need to create an account for starting a meeting.

All the buttons on the software are marked with their functions, which makes it easy to understand, host, join, and control meetings. It has a lot of functions, and I bet once you try it, you would love it and forget to use another video conference tool.

All participants of the meeting can easily share their screens, record conferences (locally or on the cloud), share project files, audio files, and all the other things that you need for a meeting.

Why the GoToMeeting video conference tool is the best?

The best thing about the GoToMeeting tool is that it provides the opportunity to connect more than 250 people at a time. Let’s take a look at the other benefits of using the GoToMeeting video conference tool.

  • It is the easiest to use and configure tool availble in the market. You will not need to hire a special person for the connectivity of the tool.
  • You can conduct face-to-face or group video meetings in high definition quality.
  • It supports Android, iPhone, and desktop.
  • You can block videos of a specific member or can control the audio of members.
  • With this tool, you can record your meetings locally or on the cloud for future use.
  • It is a cost-effective tool for any organization with a lot of beneficial features.
  • This software allows sending messages to a specific attendee or all meeting attendees.
  • It provides HD video results and crisp, clear sound quality.

If you are also looking to buy video conference software for your organization, then nothing is best than GoToMeeting. There is a Free Plan available on their website to try the services and the functionality of the tool.

The free plan of GoToMeeting allows you to connect with other members with screen sharing, video, audio, and messaging.