When a new born baby come in this world, he/she does not know anything. Child memory is developed with the events that are happening near to him/her. If child see optimistic things then he/she will adopt optimistic approach in adulthood. If someone get pessimistic things, that child will be pessimistic in adulthood.

A psychologist proves this with an experiment. He took two child and sat them into two different rooms. He gave a stick, a doll and play a video on television. In one video child was beating his doll with stick and in other rooms television child was playing with doll and stick.

After the video when psychologist gave a doll and stick to both child. Both react same what they had watched. One started beating doll with stick and other child started playing with doll. Psychologist proved that people always react as what they see.

Psychologists advise to people that if they want to improve their children etiquettes, memory, kindness and other good qualities, they should behave positive and in respected way. It will boost children confidence and etiquette.

What should to do

There is a famous saying.
We get what we give

Etiquettes basically the norms to behave in society. If someone wants to improve his/her children etiquettes, he/she must be behaved well with others specially when children are near to him. If one show good manners to children, children will be done same.

Family is the institution where children get basic education. In home, speak with respect, kindness, and show patience. Respect family members, elders, guests and other people with whom you interact. This behavior unconsciously learn etiquettes to children. Do some social practices with children’s. When you take them outside, try to highlight the positive side of the society. Behave well with all people apart from this that from Which class they belong. Try to reach out more people and communicate with them beautifully.

If children have good manners, it helps them to build strong relationship with other people. If child has good manners others like him/her and invite to play together or study together. When that child grows up, people feel good to sit with him/her and communicate respectively.

Similarly, learn children to say sorry when they are wrong. Don’t punish children every time if they have done wrong consciously or unconsciously something. Learn them to forgive others. Also learn them to avoid making fun of others.

Books play an important role in child grooming. Make habit of child to read good books. In childhood, child should read books on etiquettes and optimistic approach. This kind of reading will help child in elder age. Reading books boost positive thoughts in child.

In the end, one can understand how responsibly the child grooming should be done. These little steps can help to improve child etiquettes. There are so many other things which one can to improve child behavior according to norms of the society. This can add positive behavior in child.