Interview should be considered as the time to shine and sell yourself in an efficient manner. Job interview is a meeting organized by a recruiter that is used to assess the worth of employee for specific employment.

However, interview should be considered two way process between candidate and interviewer. The interviewer try to find out how well candidate could do the job.

Job interviews are mostly face-to-face meetings. Interviews last approximately 30-35 minutes. Depending on the type of job, interview panel may vary between three to eight members.


How you conduct yourself in an interview and how you answer the questions asked is crucial whether you get the job or not, and good preparation will give you a big advantage when presenting your skills.

There are a few steps to take before the interview to help you feel comfortable answering the interview questions.


Interviewer is imagining that candidate have knowledge of the institute and post you have applied for. Before interview, you should get information about the institution, also check the news, competitors, history and opportunities of the sector. Find out which aspects they focus on, what is important to them.


It means reviewing your skills, characteristics and abilities in detail and identifying those that apply to the potential future employer and job and also present them in a way that match their goals and needs.

Just think yourself in the real position, what do you offer to the institution? If you’ve reflected on this beforehand, it will make it easier to answer clearly and well during the interview

Prepare given questions perfectly:

  • Why do you want choose this particular institution.
  • Why did you choose this job?
  • Why you? What skills/experience do you have that would make you a good candidate?
  • what are your merits/demerits?
  • How would you see yourself in 5 years’ time?


A famous saying, “First impression is the last impression”

First impression matters a lot and notable. Therefore, wearing impressive dress is important.

Everything from head to toes must be clean and decent. Different institutions require different dressing, try to wear according to nature of job.


Sometime candidate get nervous before the interview. Try to keep yourself relax, calm and cool. Remember, it’s just an opportunity you are going to avail.

If you get success fine, if not take it easy you have something better ahead. Go in the room with full confidence and keep smile on your face.


When you have entered the room. Firstly, introduce yourself completely by making eye contact with panel. Speak confidently and respectfully during the whole interview.

Keep yourself calm and confident. Maintain a positive body language during the interview. Speak full sentences with smile. Use examples in your answers. Give precise answer.


A good listener is a good speaker

During the interview, try to listen interviewer as much as you can in relax mood. Don’t speak extra or unimportant sentences. Speak after listening the complete questions.

Don’t be shy during conservation that is going on between candidate and interviewer. Interviewer wants to listen your thoughts about the company, society or about the specific group of people.

During the interview, try to adopt optimistic approach. Optimistic people get more opportunities in every institution. Every institution wants optimistic people who can work for the betterment of institution in worst situations. So try to listen interviewer more and then give optimistic answer.


  • Don’t speak against other employees of the company.
  • Don’t share personal problems
  • Don’t use buzzwords or jargons.
  • Don’t speak against company or management.
  • Don’t use informal language.
  • Don’t pass funny comments.
  • Don’t take interviewer questions personal.


After the interview, it is quite possible that results are not in your favor. At that time, keep calm and accept the result confidently. It is better not to complain with others if you are not selected.

On this stage, think about your mistakes and try to get rid off that mistakes instead of complaining. You should open your heart for every situation and always try to give your 100 percent.