During your business meetings, you will visit organizations, meet officials, and have question & answer sessions with professionals. While you are going to attend a meeting, you will need to dress up properly and professionally.

Attending a meeting with folded sleeves, wrinkled apparel, flip-flops, unbuttoned shirts, caps, miniskirts, and odd color socks are not suitable choices. You will need to learn the art of business dressing. Proper business dressing leaves a positive impact on your personality.

People always judge you by your dressing. Here I am going to describe proper dressing for men and women to attend a casual or formal business meeting.

Formal Businessmen Dress

The standard business formal wear for a businessman is a full matching suit, including a coat and dress pants. According to business suit designers, a darker colored suit is the best choice. It provides the perfect looks.

With matching pants and coats, men should wear a fitted buttoned shirt and a suitable necktie. Avoid wearing bright colored dress shirts. A plain shirt of light color is preferable to wear with a dark-colored suit.

While choosing a tie, pick a necktie that matches your suit and shirt. Never forget to wear a pair of dress shoes made of leather. While choosing a pair of shoes, oxford shoes of brown or black color are a perfect choice. Never forget to polish your shoes and wear a pair of matching socks with your pants.

Formal Businesswomen Dress

For ladies, dress pants or skirts with coats are viewed as a perfect formal businesswomen dress. If you are wearing a skirt for a meeting, avoid wearing mini skirts, and wear a skirt that covers your knees.

Make sure to wear a shirt that hides your undergarments and covers your waistline. Avoid wearing buttoned shirts and wear closed neck shirts. In case you are wearing a buttoned shirt, make sure to fasten all the buttons of your shirts.

A pair of closed-toe pumps of a color that suits your outfit is ideal. Avoid wearing high heels during a meeting. While choosing a pair of shoes for meetings, choose a comfortable pair of shoes. Never forget to wear a stocking if you are wearing a skirt. In case you are wearing pants, wear a pair of socks.

A matching handbag is mandatory for ladies to carry during a meeting. It provides a professional look. While choosing a handbag to carry, choose a matching handbag with your shoe color.

Casual Businessmen Dress

For casual business meetings, avoid wearing formal suits, and choose a perfect casual dress to wear. Wear a light-colored overcoat, jacket, cardigan, blazer, or whatever suits you most.

Shirts are a mandatory part of the business dressing. Whether you are wearing an overcoat, cardigan, or jacket, you will need to choose a perfect shirt tucked into your pants.

Wear slim fit pants or chinos for a casual business meeting. You can also wear light-colored straight fit denim for a casual business meeting. Avoid wearing rigged or loose fit jeans during a meeting.

Chelsea boots, brogues, or formal shoes are perfect to wear during a casual business meeting. Choose a pair of boots made of soft leather in dark-colors.

A belt is also a mandatory part of the business dressing. Avoid wearing funky belts, and only wear a leather belt with simple steel buckles.

While choosing a wristwatch for a meeting, stay simple, and choose a simple watch with a steel strap or leather strap. Wearing a leather strapped business watch provides a more professional look.

Casual Businesswomen Dress

Select a comfortable dress to wear for attending a casual business meeting. Wearing a chiffon shirt, basic pullover top, turtleneck, or designer shirt is a smart idea. You can also wear a jacket for a more intelligent look.

Dress pants, chinos, and fleece pants are a perfect choice to wear for a casual meeting. A dark-colored body-con dress, creased A-line shirts, or midi skirts (fall beneath knees) are perfect businesswomen dress.

Wear a pair of loafers, brogues, siphons, and medium heels during a casual business meeting. Ladies love to wear jewelry. For working women, lightweight jewelry is the best choice, don’t wear large earrings and any charming jewelry. Wearing a simple bracelet with a business watch provides a professional look.

While dressing up for a casual business meeting, wear light makeup. A nude-colored blush-on, light-colored lipstick, and a thin layer of mascara are enough for a casual business meeting.

Final thought

When you enter a meeting, the first thing that people notice is your dressing. If you don’t have a good sense of dressing and wear an improper dress during a meeting, it leaves a bad impact on your personality.

I hope with the above-said tips you can dress-up properly before attending a business formal or casual meeting. Choose the perfect dress and prepare your paperwork before going to attend business meetings.