The pressure of work, stress, extended office timings, and unhealthy eating habits in the office are the main reasons for gaining weight. Intense work hours affect your physical health, mental health, and emotional health. For staying healthy, you will need to redesign your daily schedule and needs to add some natural supplements to your diet. Sitting for long hours in-office meetings leaves shocking and awful impacts on your body.

According to many health advisers, sitting for a long time and working in an intense working environment can prompt early deaths. You are also at high risk of skeletal & muscular issues, diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, cancer, and a lot of other diseases if you are not taking supplements.

Around 86% of the Americans sit throughout the day at work in the official meetings. According to a professor of ergonomics & design, you will need to make some changes in your sitting positions and habits. You will need to take some moving breaks of 2-minutes twice after every 60 minutes.

Gaining weight in the workplace is an international issue. According to a survey among 3,000 office workers, 41% of the participants said that they’d put on weight in their present jobs. In the final report, the experts determined that workers who spend extended time sitting in a work area (like clerical workers and computer operators) and workers with higher feelings of anxiety (like instructors and engineers) will probably are more affected than other workers.

How to get rid of gaining weight due to excessive office meeting hours?

Once you gained weight, it’s not an easy job to lose. Losing weight isn’t easy, but it is a good idea to control it by doing some simple things. From morning lunch to leaving the office for home, you can take some simple steps that help control weight.

Most people gain weight due to their negligence. Workers use elevators, sit all day, grab snacks to eat, drink coffee, or a lot of other things that put some extra pounds and weight easily.

By following these given weight-loss or weight control tips, you can not only stay healthy, but you can shed some extra pounds of weight.

Getting Ready for Work

Everyone gets up early in the morning to go to work. Make a routine of light morning exercise. It is a good idea to perform some light exercises like body stretches and warm-ups for at least 30 minutes daily in the morning before going to take a shower.

After a shower, eat a healthy breakfast. For breakfast, you can take eggs, bread, a glass of milk, and fresh fruit juices. You can also add vitamin-rich fruits, vegetables, and supplements to your breakfast.

Traveling to Office

While you are traveling to the office, leave your home early. Sometimes going late to the office involve you in stressful condition. Stress is the main reason for obesity. By reaching the office on time, you can work stress-free.

If you are traveling to the office by car, try to park your car far from the office entrance. It will help to walk for a couple of minutes to enter your office. Avoid using elevators and use office stairs.

Keep Walking in Office

Do not sit for hours on your working desk. Take a quick break and walk around your work desk in your office. If you need to move between the floors of the office, use stairs instead of elevators.

Most health advisors recommend taking short stand up breaks every 60 minutes. It not only helps to release stress, but it also helps to burn a few calories. Take a walk break twice every 60 minutes of sitting.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated helps to prevent sugar cravings. Keep a refillable water bottle with you during your work hours, and keep it filled. During your stand-up breaks, you can go to the water dispenser to fill that bottle.

Avoid Snacking

Snacking during work hours leaves a big impact on weight gain. According to health advisers, you will need to take healthy snacks during your work hours. Instead of taking unhealthy snacks, bring some fruits, protein shakes, or nuts like almonds. Never stack unhealthy snacks in your work desk drawers.

Lunch Breaks

It is a smart idea to pack a healthy lunch for your office lunch break. Eating pizzas, pasta, and other fast foods during the office lunch break also increase your weight.

In case you need to go for lunch, choose hygiene and healthy food place near to your office. Walk to the restaurant and choose healthy food from their menu. Eat and chew your food slowly. According to many health experts, people who eat faster gain extra weight over time. Slow eating helps the food to digest properly and improves metabolic health.

Late Working Hours

According to health experts, working late hours in the office is another reason for gaining weight. While you work for late work hours in the office, it will disturb your metabolic system. Working for late hours also cut you from your social life and results in restless sleep too. If you are also working late nights at the office, you are at increased risk of weight gain.

Office Gym

In this modern era, most organizations provide state of the art health & fitness facilities to their employees. If your workplace offers such facilities, take advantage to avail these facilities for your health. It also helps to save a few bucks for going to a gym and helps to reduce weight in the office.

Going back to Home from Office

While you are ready to go home from the office, leave your work tension and worries in the office. Switch off your official mobile phones and pack your laptop.

Spend quality time with friends and family after the office. If you have a meeting on the next day, try to complete your work before your sleeping time. Working on a project preparation for late nights also leaves a bad impact on your health. Working late nights is another major reason for gaining weight.

Final Thoughts

Gaining weight in the workplace is not good for your health. You will need to control your weight. I am sure, by keeping the above-said tips in mind, you can control your weight in weeks.

Eat healthy food, stay stress-free, for staying healthy!