Are you a businessman and always keep a briefcase with you during a meeting? If YES! This guide is especially for you, but wait, are you familiar with the essential things you will need to keep in your briefcase? Leaving essential things outside a businessman’s briefcase leaves a bad impact on your personality.

What are these essential things? Here I am going to describe all of these;


1. Fountain Pen/Ballpoint Pen

A ballpoint pen is a necessary thing to keep inside your briefcase while going to attend a business meeting. It is helpful to note down the key points and discussion during a meeting. It is not a good thing to ask for a pen during the meeting.

If you are going to sign a contract at the end of a meeting, never forget to keep a nice fountain pen with you. Signing a contract with a fountain pen is all about your personality. It provides a professional look while you hold a fountain pen to sign on the official papers.

2. Journal/Diary

Always keep a small pocket size journal or diary in your briefcase. A pocket-size journal diary is a good thing to write down the agenda points to discuss during the meeting. It is also good to note down the discussion points during the meeting.

3. USB/USB Cable

Keep a backup of project files in a USB to represent the presentation. You will need to connect that USB to the projector for representing your project. A backup USB is necessary because in case if one USB is not working, you can use a backup USB.

Always keep a USB extension cable with you in your briefcase. Sometimes it’s not easy for you to approach the projector. In that case, you can use the extension.

4. Power Bank

Never forget to keep a power bank to charge your smartphone. Sometimes, during long meetings, you will need to charge your phone. Never take the risk of leaving your phone out of your sight for charging. So, if you have a power bank, you can charge your phone in front of you easily.

5. Pocket Tissues

Keep a pack of pocket tissues in your briefcase. Sometimes you need to clean your dress or face during a meeting. You can easily take a tissue and clean your dress or face from the briefcase. It is also good to put a tissue on your nose while sneezing۔

6. Cologne/Mouth Spray

Always keep nice fragrant cologne and a small bottle of mouth spray in your briefcase. You may sweat during the waiting hours in summers, and a mouth freshener spray helps to refresh the odor of your breath.

7. Business Cards

Always keep your business cards inside the briefcase. Keeping business cards in a nice leather sleeve adds an extra touch of professionalism to present a business card to others.

8. Laptop/Notebook

Never forget to keep your laptop and notebook with you. It’s hard to carry the two bags, so choose a briefcase in which you can put both of these. Never forget to charge your laptop fully before attending the meeting. Make shortcuts of presentation files on the desktop for easy access.

9. Hair Brush

Keep a small hairbrush or comb in your briefcase to dress up your hair. Go to the washroom and comb your hair before entering the meeting hall. Attending a meeting with unbrushed hair leaves a bad personality impression.

10. Company Portfolio

Keep your company’s portfolio with you in your briefcase. A leather file cover is best to represent the portfolio of your company. Organize all the important papers inside a file cover and represent on-demand.

11. Water Bottle

Never forget to keep a water bottle with you during a meeting. If you found it difficult to carry a water bottle, there are some notebook-style water bottles available in the market. These bottles are easy to keep in a briefcase without taking a lot of space.

12. Book/Novel

Keep a book or novel of your interest is good to keep with you in your briefcase for passing the wait time. In case of waiting for the next session during the meeting hours, you may not feel bored by reading the books.

Must keep the above-said essential things in a briefcase to avoid any inconveniences during a meeting.