Are you working in an office from 9 to 5? Is your nature of work is to sit and work for hours? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you must also be facing the issue of gaining weight at work. Sitting for hours in front of computers and at workstations leaves a bad effect on your body and health.

You will need to prepare a good eating plan for the whole day. While you are making or following an eating plan, start from the morning breakfasts. A healthy breakfast will help to charge your body and soul for the intense workday. Eat a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast keeps you full for a long time.

Lunchtime is the most critical time that you will need to focus on controlling weight. According to many health experts, most office workers use office canines and nearby cafes for lunch during office timing.

Lunchtime is the most critical time of the day. During this time, hunger is torturing you. You are also in a hurry to eat something and go back to work. According to a survey, most office workers order pizzas, pasta, and other fast foods during lunchtime.

These Things are not good for your health and a major cause of gaining weight during work hours. Let’s take a look at other major aspects of gaining weight at work and how to get rid.

Room Temperature and Atmosphere

According to research, lightning conditions and room temperature directly affects human appetite. In a bright and controlled temperature environment, people eat less. If the room temperature is low, people eat more food than normal.

It is a good idea to choose a bright place for lunch. According to experts, leaving the office for lunch is a smart idea. A walk outside for lunch not only provides some fresh air but it is also good for your health.

If it is not possible to leave the office for lunch, choose a bright place to sit for lunch. If there is not enough lighting and you feel cold, talk with the management to make some changes for workers health.

Sitting Hours

Working overtime after completing the daily work hours also leave a bad impact on your health and weight. Never compromise your health for earning some extra money. Spare this time for family, exercise, and some healthy activities.

Some time overtime involves you in restless sleep. The human body structure needs rest after a specific time. If you don’t provide rest to your body, it can result in stress and weight gain. The lack of rest and sleep disturb the appetite, and disturbed appetite is a major reason for hunger.

Pack your laptops and leave the office once you completed your working hours. Use the spare to for a healthy activity like gym and light exercise. Take a cup of tea with your family after the working hours and rest well for the next day.


A large number of people use public transport or own car for going office. If your workplace is nearby to your office, go on foot instead of using transport. It will help to burn calories, and you can also save some money.

Same like that, when you are planning to go for lunch, use stairs instead of office lift. Sitting for hours in front of screens is not good for your health and also causes weight gain.

During work hours, take small breaks and roam around your colleagues. It will not only provide you time to relax, but it is also good for your health.

Work Pressure and Stress

Taking stress during work hours is another major reason for gaining weight at work. During the work hours, you may face a lot of problems and issues. You will need to stay relaxed and calm during work hours. Never try to depress if stuck at any point or work that you are working.

Discuss the issue with your colleagues and supervisor so they can help you out. Stress increase levels of the body’s hormones that trigger fat and sugar. Most of the time, people use snacks to overcome stress. Remember, these snacks are not your friends. These are going to put some extra weight that is difficult to cut off.

How can you avoid gaining weight at work?

By adopting some simple healthy routines and simple rules, you can avoid gaining weight at the workplace.

Choose Healthy Food

It is a good idea to pack your lunch at home before leaving for the office. At the workplace, you have limited lunch options that all are unhealthy. Packing lunch with fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, and fresh juices is a smart idea that helps to control weight.

Choose Healthy Menu

In case you forget to pack your lunch and need to go outside for lunch, choose a healthy restaurant. Always eat low-calorie foods that are easy to digest. Eating a grilled sandwich full of salad and a cup of soup is a healthy choice.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Every person needs snacks during long work hours. It is a smart idea to eat healthy snacks. You can eat fruits instead of a packet of chips and drink fruit juices instead of colas.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water during work hours not only good to relieve stress, but it is also good for your stomach. According to health experts, drink eight glasses of water, iced tea, or zero-calorie flavored water not only helps to hydrate your body but, it also helps to cut off sugar cravings.

Physical Activities

Nobody can neglect the importance of physical activities during work hours. During your work hours, take short breaks and perform light exercises. According to experts, you should need to move and leave your desk place at least every 60 minutes.

It is a smart thought to set a reminder on your mobile for the stand-up and move. You can use this time for drinking water. Take a walk around the workspace and provide yourself at least 5 minutes break after every hour.