Every organization needs to conduct effective and productive meetings. During meetings, a group of colleagues discusses issues and try to find their possible solutions. Tragically, sometimes an excessive number of meetings we attend disturb our minds.

A meeting without a focus point or blame game discussions is not more than a waste of time and creates an intense environment.

Here I am going to discuss how to make team meetings more effective and progressive. As a meeting invitee, you will need to manage productive and effective meetings that provide positive results.

Conducting effective and extraordinary meetings is not a difficult job. You will need to do proper planning and set a clear focal point for the meeting. During the whole meeting, never lose the set focal point and avoid irrelevant things.

By keeping the following key points for conducting effective team meetings in mind, you can win the hearts of attendees and get the productive results of the meeting.

Meeting Agenda

Building a meeting agenda is the first and essential thing that a meeting invitee needs to prepare. It is a smart idea to welcome colleagues for contributing their thoughts about the agenda.

After preparing a meeting agenda, send it to all participants prior a day or two before the meeting day and time.

Never try to pack such a significant number of things into the agenda that makes a meeting, stressful thing. If you have a lot of things to discuss, make a questioner, and distribute it among the attendees to collect their thoughts.

Meeting Focus Point

It is the absolute and most important thing to do while conducting a meeting. To achieve noteworthy outcomes, motivate, collaborate, inspire, inform, make decisions, and solve problems, a meeting should have a focus point.

If all the attendees are familiar with the focus point of the meeting, then they can prepare for it in a better way. So, while you are going to invite employees for a meeting, clearly mention the meeting focus point at the top of the invitation letter.

According to the industry leaders, most meetings without a focus point ended up with no results. If you are not getting the results of a meeting, you are not only wasting your and others’ time, but you are also wasting your energy.

Arrange Follow-up Meetings

If you noticed you are not getting meeting results, or all the participants are not agreed with each other, conduct a follow-up meeting on the said issue.

It will provide time for all participants to shed their thoughts and prepare reports for the said issue in the next meeting. When all the participants come to the follow-up meeting, they definitely come with a solution.

Make Meetings Engaging

Prepare some group activities to engage all the participants of the meeting. There are a few fun games that can help to engage all the attendees for a productive meeting.

Game of Possibilities – The objective of this game is to demonstrate a given task in front of other attendees to guess. It would help to demonstrate the capabilities of a person to describe things easily. On the other hand, this game helps to prove the power of thinking of all participants.

The Barter Puzzle – It is another fun way to engage all the meeting participants. In this game, you will need to make a scrabble puzzle and distribute the pieces of the puzzle among the two groups. While distributing the puzzle pieces, shuffle them and give some of the pieces to the opposite group.

The goal of all this game is to get the desired pieces from the other group by negotiations and offers. By all means, the objective of gaining pieces to complete the puzzle.

By playing these games during a meeting, you can judge the capabilities of a group for solution solving.